Grades close Nov 30th!!!

I have been putting in your online modules as I receive them.  This semester is pass/fail, and the grade is based upon five online modules:  (The alphabet, Days of the week/numbers/months, a review of basic phrases, the weather, and classroom objects).  As long as your complete these five tasks, and complete them well, you will pass.  Please use the online vocab lists or quizlet to help you if you get stuck, and remember you can retake any module you are unhappy with!

This week (11/15-11/26)  we will be focusing on Classroom objects, the gender of nouns, and how to say “the”.  Before coming to class on days 1,2, and three, be sure to go over the resource folder and watch the video on how to say “the”.  Take notes and bring those and any questions to class!

If you have any incomplete modules, here are the links to them:

Alphabet Quiz

Quiz on Los dias de la semana, los meses, y los numeros.

Review Quiz: here.

The weather and classroom objects quizzes are on quizstar.

Please talk to me or email me with any questions or concerns!


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